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Here is your VIP pass into Dead Flowers MJ, where the spirit of Rock & Roll thrives at our one-of-a-kind dispensary. At Dead Flowers we've turned it up to eleven with our knowledgable road crew and premium, rockin' cannabis offerings.

Join us in an incredible sensory experience that celebrates the rebellious spirit of Rock & Roll and the pyrotechnic filled excellence of our carefully curated products. At Dead Flowers, we don't just sell cannabis; we celebrate the essence of rock and the medicinal excellence of our products.

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The House

Check out what's happening at Dead Flowers MJ! We'll keep updating this section for you so you can riff through our latest shop scene photos. Grab your backstage look into the ultimate rock and roll dispensary shopping experience. Dead Flowers is alive with the pulse of rock history and the walls echo with the thunder of iconic Rock and Roll for a one of a kind dispensary shopping experience.

Venue Info:

Hours: Every Day 9am-9pm
Dead Flowers
855 Highway 105, Palmer Lake, CO
Pn: 719-488-9900

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